Hello, Cappuccino (Cafe Manager)

Hello, Cappuccino (Cafe Manager)
Hacked: .dylib & .plists
Current Hacked Features:
– Instant Ready
– Price per serving: 50,000.
– Item Experience: 500.
– Item Cost: Free.
– Costume (Waiters & Baristas): Free.
– Pets: Obtained.
– Pets: Ready collection.
– Food Experience: 500.
Reasons for this Hacked Features:
– I hate waiting & for easy leveling each recipe to Master.
– I want all the money, that’s all.
– Experience is easy in this game, It’s better to level up not too fast.
– Well, there are a lot of customization to your Cafe, so here’s a free one.
– Well, a lot of customization to your Waiters & Baristas too. Enjoy.
– Pets, who wouldn’t want them? I suggest to clickwhore the Cat.
– Food Experience? Yep.
– Add my cafe: Vexanxiety
– Download the file Here.
– Open your iFile (iDevices) or iFunbox (PC or Mac) and search for the location:
– Extract the files inside the folder of “DynamicLibraries”
– Close Hello, Cappuccino from the multi-tasking & Open the app again.
– Awwwww yeah!
– If you don’t want to level up to max, don’t click on your dog pet. (It gives out 1B exp.)
– If you think you’d want to play normally, or after you’ve mastered every recipe.. It’s okay
to remove the hack from the DynamicLibraries.
– I suggest you whoreclick your cat pet, it gives out coco.
– In the customization menue for Waiters, Baristas & Pet.. Don’t click the pet menu. It’ll error you out.

Hello, Cappuccino (Cafe Manager) Play Features of Hello, Cappuccino (Cafe Manager)

Hello, Cappuccino (Cafe Manager) Play Features of Hello, Cappuccino (Cafe Manager)


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